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Fall 2016
The Graduate Calendar

Faculty of Arts

School of Accounting and Finance

Faculty Members
Approved Doctoral Dissertation Supervisors (ADDS)
Bandyopadhyay, S.,
Boritz, J.E.,
Brisley, N.,
Chen, C.,
Douglas, A.V.S.,
Gunz, S.P.,
Huang, A.G.,
Jha, R.,
Kelly, K.,
Kennedy, D.B.,
Klassen, K.,
Libby, T.,
Lim, J-H.,
Macnaughton, A.,
O'Brien, P.C.,
Phillips, B.,
Stratopoulos, T.,
Tan, H.,
Thompson, J.,
Vetzal, K.R.,
Wainberg, J.,
Webb, R.A.,
Wiedman, C.,
Wirjanto, T.,
Wolfe, M.,